New dermestid beetle skull cleaning services located in Wasilla

Got an old skull sitting in the freezer waiting to be cleaned? Or perhaps you just got done bagging a nice animal and want a high quality throphy for your wall. What ever the reason, Arctic White Skullz located in Wasilla is here to provide skull cleaning, degreasing and bleaching services at very competitive prices.  Check out the site and if you like what you see give me a call.


Why use beetles to clean your skull?

20170608_000055_1496908856564Dermestid beetles are a special species of flesh eating beetles. Dermestid beetles are the preferred method for cleaning skulls and bones for museums and universities all around the world.

Dermestid beetles can strip every bit of flesh and cartilage off your skull leaving the smallest and most intricate bone structures intact. Other skull cleaning services completely destroy and remove these bones usually those located in the nasal passage area.

Skulls that are boiled to remove flesh actually have the fat/grease soaked into the bones. This will yellow and discolor over time. Beetles remove all this flesh prior to degreasing and bleaching leaving you with a brighter skull that will remain whiter over time.

If you would like a high quality trophy consider having your trophy prepared by Arctic White Skullz.